is an entrepreneur, public policy analyst, author, development strategist, alumnus of Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Massachusetts...

ABOUT MAGNUM.NG is a forum where critical thinkers rub minds on critical national and global issues with a view to finding and proffering solutions that would positively impact mankind.
It is a meeting point for the ordinary folks and policy makers to mingle intellectually and in the process share practical ideas on existential challenges in our society.
The mission of is to engender an atmosphere whereby ordinary folks would bring forth or share their experiences and issues that they are contending with which would enable policy makers learn first hand what’s ailing members of the society, and together solutions would be fudged from the fusion of minds such that public policies would be shaped by the robust interactions between citizens on the streets and their leaders in the corridors of power .
Arising from the above , in this forum , anyone with a sense of patriotism and love for humanity is welcome to share his/her opinion on any range of development oriented subjects, no matter how fringe , provided in doing so, the rights of others are respected and no intemperate language is employed.
Welcome to where we are all leaders in our individual rights.



Magnus Onyibe is an entrepreneur, public policy analyst and development strategist who believes in the philosophy of ‘leading from the streets’. He contributes to nation building via constructive interrogation of public policies in incisive articles where he proffers viable solutions to existential socio-economic challenges in the Nigerian society in particular and Africa as a whole. 

Magnus Onyibe has composite experience in both the public and private sectors of Nigeria, having held strategic positions in both sectors over many years of excellence service. 

He served twice as a commissioner in the government of Delta State where he acquitted himself creditably. Before joining government, Magnus was a broadcaster with the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, for about ten years. He has also served in corporate communications and strategy roles at top management levels in the insurance and banking sectors in Nigeria. He holds three masters degrees in different disciplines, including a Master of Arts, MA, from the prestigious Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA. He is currently the President/CEO of Inspire Group and lives in Lagos with his family.  

Onyibe is the author of three books: ABBA KYARI: Portrait if a Loyalist – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Sides of Public Service in Nigeria, BEYOND LOSS AND GRIEF: The Story of Kikaose Ebiye-Onyibe – A Survivor’s Manual for Coping With the Loss of a Child and ISMAILA ISA FUNTUA: A Bridge Builder – Chronicles of a Political Activist and the Jostle for the Presidency of Nigeria in 2023.