Why Israel – Hamas War is Consequence of Rebellion Against God’s Order

To address the sensitive issue of the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict equitably, the purpose of this essay is to utilize both religious and historical perspectives to justify the necessity for peace to prevail in the region.

This objective can be achieved by illustrating that the unfortunate and horrific Israeli-Hamas war might result from a defiance of God’s order. It is not coincidental that God created and placed the people of Israel and Palestine in the same geographic area.

Rebellion is a widespread phenomenon in human existence.

In fact it started in heaven, when a rebellious quarter of the angels were led by Lucifer an angel in the kingdom of God against God. However, stronger angels of heaven vanquished and drove out the rebellious angel and the gang from heaven.

According to biblical accounts, the demons tormenting humans around the world today are believed to be the vanquished angels under the leadership of Satan, who works nonstop to tempt people to commit sin, just as they did against God in heaven, so they can all go together into hell fire on the day of judgement.

The narrative above is found in the holy Bible, but it would not surprise me if the holy Quran, a book of guidance for Muslims, and the Torah, which has a similar function for Jews who follow Judaism, also had an analogous or concurring story.

According to the stories found in the Quran, Torah, and Bible, Father Abraham is the source of the three religions , namely Judaism, lslam and Christianity that Israelis and Palestinians profess. That is owing to the fact that all three tribes and their own religions can be traced back to Abraham, the father of humankind.

It may be that a similar fate of rebellion and consequences that are besetting Israel and Palestine, as reflected by the reality of perpetually being at daggers drawn because they are going against the order of God that has brought them together.

This is because radical Jews and Palestinians are making it impossible for the almighty God’s injunction, as documented in the holy bible, holy Quran, and Torah, to be carried out by not adhering to the injunctions in the respective books of instruction handed down by God/Allah/Yahweh to Moses in the holy Bible also known as Musa in the holy Quran,  directing that they live in harmony.

To emphasize the point, allow me offer some troubling figures acquired from a poll conducted by specialists in search of a realistic solution to the apparently never-ending military confrontations between Israelis and Palestinians.

Researchers discovered that just a minority of Jewish Israelis (32%) favor a two-state solution with the Palestinians. This demonstrates that Israeli Jews are divided along ideological lines, with many preferring to retain the status quo of being at war because they think they are being buffeted by enemies.

That supports the policy of requiring every Israeli, male or female, to attend military training and then join the army or become a reservist who may be called upon to fight for them in any of their continuing conflicts at any point in time.

To some extent, it is similar to the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, in Nigeria, but without the military training that prepares Israeli youths for military assignments.

Similarly, the research adds that over 60% of Palestinians (77% in the Gaza Strip and 46% in the West Bank) favor violent assaults against Israelis within Israel as a method of ending the occupation.

Again, this might explain the October 7 assault on Israel and the heinous massacre of civilians, which sparked the current counter-attack and the raging conflict in Gaza.

Furthermore, the poll found that 70% of Palestinians felt that a two-state solution was no longer practicable or possible as a result of the growth of Israeli settlements like the kibbutz that was attacked.

In fact, the location of the open-air festival staged by Israeli youths, during which an estimated 260 of them were shot dead by Hamas machine guns, was a mere  three (3) kilometers away from the border barriers broken by the Hamas militants on October 7 to gain entrance into the Israeli settlement.

Following the same trend, well over two-thirds of Israeli Jews believe that if Israel annexes the West Bank, Palestinians living there should not be allowed to vote.

So, according to the data and the reality of the crisis scenario, there is a mountain of distrust perhaps as formidable as the rock of Gibraltar and huge disputes likely as deep as the Pacific Ocean (the deepest in the world) between both sides on fundamental issues.

Consequently, reciprocal skepticism regarding the other side’s willingness to maintain responsibilities under a future bilateral agreement is quite genuine, posing an existential threat to peace and harmonious coexistence.

As a result of the above, the situation has eluded skilled peacemakers since 1948 for no ordinary reason. That is why the entire situation is reducible to disobedience against God’s rule and purpose for them.

In light of the above it is my considered opinion that to end the armed conflict , both sides have to go back to the instructions in their respective books of faith-the Torah and holy Quran to find the preordained solution by God.

In my reckoning it is only by relying on the wisdom of God ,not the skill and ability of super powers like the United States of America, USA,United Kingdom, Uk, France , Germany , Norway etc that have been trying to resolve the conflict and end the war without success for 75 years that the matter can be brought to a successful conclusion.

In my area of Nigeria, there is a traditional wisdom or wise crack that rings true in this case, and it goes as follows:

“Let the eagle perch, and let the falcon perch. If any one of them tries to prevent the other from perching,may its wings be broken”.

Based on the wisdom contained in the aforementioned African adage, the world should aggressively seek the long-desired two-state solution more forcefully and creatively through the inspiration of God until it is realized.

It is highly troubling that as the war is clocking just one month since the hostilities commenced ,nearly 10,000 precious souls have been lost  on the side of Gaza , and 1,400 invaluable lives have been slaughtered by Hamas on the lsraeli side, in addition to the soldiers who have lost their lives in the course of prosecuting the war in Gaza by ground troops , beggars belief.

That is the reason the world is more than appalled by the unfolding monumental human tragedy.

It is rather nauseating when the media discusses finding or attaining killing or death equilibrium in the war as if implying that the precious lives being wasted must be proportional, giving the impression that the murderous acts by both sides can continue, as opposed to halting the war to avoid further human carnage which should be the priority.

If nothing more, the heinous and heartbreaking crime scenario described above is justification enough for the world to ensure that the long-desired two-state solution is implemented without further delay.

 Based on records ,the Arab world had rejected the United Nations proposal in 1948 that Israel and Palestine should co-exist as neighbors, but in light of the alarming number of needless deaths and massive infrastructure ruins in Gaza, which would have a negative effect on the region,they should do well to reconsider their 75-year-old position of rejecting the two-state solution by accepting the reality that Israel and Palestine being neighbors is ordained by God.

In their desperate search for peace and assistance, family members of the about 240 Israeli hostages held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip are pressing their government to exchange over 6,000 Hamas and Palestinian inmates detained in Israel for them.

The proposal follows a previous pattern or experience in which Israel swapped around 1027 Hamas inmates for a single Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, who had been held by Hamas for five (5) years until his release on October 18, 2011, as part of a prisoner exchange arrangement negotiated by Egypt.

As a matter of fact the world is not unfamiliar with outbreaks of conflict between Israel and her Arab neighbors, the sort of which is presently manifesting as a heartbreaking harvest of deaths in Gaza, this time triggered  by Hamas gunmen’s attack on some Israeli kibbutzs on October 7.

The Hamas fighters that are claiming the Gaza Strip justify their actions as necessity and method of fighting to reclaim their land, which they claim Israel has been occupying since 1917, when Britain brought them there, and since 1948, when the United Nations, through Resolution 181, formalized their stay in the location that Palestinians regard as their land.

In the same vein, Israel has made it clear that it is fighting Hamas, which it refers to as terrorists, for invading her country and murdering an estimated 1,400 of her nationals, the majority of whom are civilians—children, women, the elderly, and the infirm—while kidnapping others, which Israeli authorities estimate to be 240, who remain detained in Gaza.

From the perspective of Israel, they are returnees to the land of their forefathers, not occupants of Palestinian territory, as their opponents claim.

As a result, they are only fighting back in self-defense, which is why, like a wounded lion, Israel has gone for the jugular of  Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip, destroying their infrastructure and aiming to eliminate Hamas fighters.

As a consequence , there has been enormous collateral damage to the civilian population and infrastructure in Gaza, which is now in total ruins, with human casualties  fast approaching 10,000 lives of civilian Palestinians or Gaza dwellers in barely one month of the armed conflict.

Consequently, the Arab world and indeed the entire world are aghast by the devastation and are therefore expressing indignation at the catastrophe that has befallen Gaza and its inhabitants following the intensive bombardments by lsraeli Defense Force , IDF since the October 7 invasion of their country.

The aggression staged by Hamas fighters, whom Israel refers to as terrorists, has resulted in Israel literally unleashing fire and brimstone of an apocalyptic nature on innocent civilians in Gaza, owing largely to Hamas’s strategy of deliberately locating its operation base in civilian enclaves such as IDP camps, hospitals, and schools, and effectively using civilians as human shield as alleged by IDF.

The militant group disputes this claim.

Given that the truth lies between the claims made by the two sides, it is important to now ask the question: why haven’t the pertinent UN agencies offered their professional opinion to help the world learn the truth and allow for an accurate allocation of blame for the shocking and disgusting and horrendous death toll?

It is extremely unsettling that both sides continue to defend their war against one another, as they have done since the conflict started in the 1947–1949 war, despite the extent of devastation that has reached catastrophic proportions.

According to historical accounts, the Jews began arriving at their current location in 1917 after the UK declared in 1897 that she intended to relocate them to the land of Palestine. Thereafter, the state of Israel was formally established and consolidated in 1948.

From the time of their entrance until now, the Israelis have encountered hostility not just from Palestinians but also from the majority of their neighbors, including Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan.

While her ties with her neighbors have been turbulent, as reflected  by Israel and Palestine fighting five wars since 2006, excluding the six-day wars of 1947–1949 and 1967, there currently exists relatively peaceful relationship with Egypt, Jordan and Syria with only Lebanon exhibiting tensions such as the frosty relationship with Palestine.

The Oslo Accord, which was negotiated between 1993 and 1995 as part of a peace process begun by Norway  and facilitated by the United States of America, USA, was centered on the establishment of two states.

However, this did not break the ice between the two parties since the Arab League-backed Palestinians rejected the proposal.

When the current mayhem fades, perhaps the direct military confrontation, which has resulted in unparalleled and gigantic losses of human life on both sides, will force the warring parties back to the negotiating table.

While both sides are being hyperbolic in their claims, a great deal of innocent civilian blood has been shed, and the conflict’s fundamental issue—which is, in my opinion, land—has not been addressed.

It appears that there is no morality in battle, and what is most wicked about it is that all weapons, even blackmail , are frequently accepted as legal.

The ongoing conflicts between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East and Russia and Ukraine in Europe serve as the clearest example of the terrible effects of war.

It is a typical example of war  raging between two adversaries that are unequal in strength and resources. Think of the biblical tale of David and Goliath, wherein Israel and Russia represent Goliath while Hamas and Ukraine represent David in terms of physical might and financial resources.

To further illustrate the comparison , Russia is a superpower that has only recently lost the glory of being at the pinnacle of influence over socialist countries in Eastern Europe during a period when the United States of America, USA led the other half,which is the Western world.

The period was known as the Cold War era and Ukraine was only a small part of the omnibus Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR, which was previously led by Russia.

Similarly, Gaza is only a tiny strip of land of not more than 265 000 square kilometers governed by a splinter group  of radical Palestinians that fought and defeated Fatah the erstwhile party ruling over both Gaza and West Bank, but currently confined to the rulership of West Bank

It is against this background of disproportionate force that Russia has been widely denounced across the world since its invasion of Ukraine in February of last year due to the country’s blatant imbalance of military and economic might.

And it is for a similar reason of power mismatch that the Israeli Defense Force , IDF’s  current rage on Gaza since October 7 in a manner reminiscent of Armageddon has sparked global outrage.

That is despite the fact that it is  Hamas that actually provoked her by invading her territory, where it ran a-mock and engaged in murdering, raping, and abducting hundreds of Israelis in the most barbaric manner.

So, in general, the concept of proportionality is a factor that has triggered worldwide outrage against both Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and, to a lesser extent, Israel for its homicidal retribution against Hamas and destruction of infrastructure in the Gaza conflict.

Similarly, during the period when the world was divided into two parts, with Russia and the United States leading each side of the divide and engaging in a confrontational viewpoint, a period that was referred to as the Cold War, and a time when the world was bipolar, global tension had not attained such high level as it is currently.

Since the end of the Cold War in 1990, following the disintegration of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), a feat accomplished under the premiership of the USSR’s Mikhail Gorbachev and the administrations of both US President Ronald Reagan and UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher after a nearly four-decade nuclear race, the world has experienced relative calm as the rush to acquire or construct weapons of mass destruction and military nuclear power has slowed significantly, resulting in the globe being unipolar in many aspects.

But all of that changed when Russia attacked and seized Crimea from Ukraine in 2016 and then launched a second invasion of the same Ukraine in February last year to seize the Donetsk area, which it claims as Russian territory.

Bipolarism now appears once again to be on the rise, which is why the ongoing Middle East crisis must be resolved once and for all so that the world is not pushed back into the dark days of the weapons race and Cold War.

Justifiably , there are worries that if the terrible battle between Israel and Gaza continues unchecked, it may turn into a worldwide conflict because of emotions being triggered and sentiments being wiped up by the unparalleled destruction of lives and property and the fallouts on global peace , security and trade.

The Ukraine war in its second year has ignited food insecurity world wide as Ukraine which is a major source of grains to the world  is not able to ship out the commodity even as farming activities have been disrupted  by the war and Russian gas  also is being denied to or boycotted by some European countries considered not be in support of Russia’s course.

Currently, the US  has deployed  one of her warships into the Mediterranean Sea as evidence of her preparedness to support Israel if by chance a nation like Iran, which is allegedly the invisible hands banging the drums for Hamas, attempts to join the war .

That is addition to the shuttle diplomacy that the US Secretary of State,Mr Antony Blinken has been engaging in with friendly nations in the Middle East region.

The world does not require a fortune teller to warn leaders on both sides that the world is once again on the verge of returning to nuclear danger if the feud degenerates; thus, the parties to the fight must be forced to adopt the concept of live and let live.

The prospect of the crisis spreading from its local and two-nation proportion to a worldwide issue is evidenced by a surge in Islamophobia and anti-Semitism activities  across the world, notably in the United States and Europe.

There is no question that Israelis and Palestinians have found themselves in the same neighborhood as a result of divine order. And this is profoundly ingrained in millennia of history.

But the issue remains: why did Palestine not accept to become a nation as Israel did when it was recognized by the United Nations in 1948 (75 years ago), after Britain initially transferred Israel to the area they now occupy?

At that time,the territory was governed by the Ottoman Empire .And the Balfour proclamation of 1917, which came after the proclamation for the foundation of the Jewish homeland way back in Palestine in 1897, kicked off the process of Israel’s return to her original homeland based on ancient history.

Can it not be considered rebellion against fate to refuse to embrace the fact of living amicably with Israel as neighbors, as God must have ordered by not only creating both tribes Abraham’s direct descendants but also placing them in the same geographical location?

Of course, Palestine has its reasons for rejecting the two-state solution proposed by the United Nations, as well as not completing the agreement negotiated by Norway and the United States, which attempted to broker peace through the Oslo Accord in 1993, that  saw Israel and Palestine recognize each other for the first time.

It was disappointing that the efforts did not progress beyond the adoption of Palestinian self-rule in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, but in light of the horrific effects of constant wars that have only wreaked havoc on both countries, why are their leaders not reconsidering their hard stance against the two-state solution, whose implementation has remained stalled, even though it has been held out as the best option for bringing the conflict to an end?

Every day, the entire world watches on television screens to see the horror, l believe that it actually dawns on them that isn’t a game show, but rather a genuine battle in which human flesh and blood are carelessly bombarded and torn into shreds as they are condemned to an early death.

From the  Israeli Defense Force’s  (IDF) perspective, the ferocious and destructive response to the tragic event of the horrific murder of 1,400 Israelis by Hamas on October 7 and the kidnapping of an estimated 240 Israeli and keeping them as hostages as reflected by the intense military operations in Gaza has been with the goal of recovering the kidnapped Israelis and eliminating Hamas fighters.

It is obvious that the death toll from the conflict has reached an unbearable level because morally conscious people all around the world are protesting what appears to be the wanton destruction of infrastructure and human life in Gaza.

As a result, the world is  calling for a cease-fire, even though it was Hamas that broke the previous cease-fire agreement by breaking Israel’s physical defenses on their National Forgiveness and Happiness Day, killing 1,400 people in a savage manner, and kidnapping an estimated 240 Israeli citizens.

As a result of the war’s blood-curdling images,three (3)  South American countries, including Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador, have severed ties with Israel.

Since the massacre of hundreds of Palestinians in Jabalyal lnternally Displaced People, IDP camp via the lsraeli missile assault on Tuesday, Israel’s neighbor, Jordan, has likewise recalled her ambassador from Tel Aviv.

In addition to the South American countries’ actions, there have been public protests throughout the world in response to the horrible pictures of Gaza residents being blasted by Israeli bombs and smashed by their military tanks that have rolled into Gaza.

As the mayhem is being shown live on television screens across the world, the terrible scene gives the appearance that Israel is operating with a nihilistic philosophy of  ‘might is right’.

As a fall out of the global tension surrounding the war, Mr. Paul Bristow, a member of parliament for Peterborough in the United Kingdom, has been sacked by Prime Minister Mr. Rishi Sunak for calling for a cease-fire in the Israel-Gaza war, a view that contradicts the official position of the UK government, which, like the US and most Western European countries, has taken the stance that Israel retains the right to defend itself.

According to several US politicians, one of the main reasons the West is supporting Israel is that it persuaded her to give up her nuclear weapons in exchange for a promise to protect her in the case of a crisis similar to the current war.

It is widely assumed, although without any evidence, that Israel still possesses nuclear weapons and even increased her nuclear arsenal during the 1967 Six-Day War.

However, it is not officially acknowledged that Israel now possesses nuclear weapons because the government has never openly conducted nuclear testing.

Nonetheless, France provided that country with a nuclear plant in 1967, which was justified by the fact that Canada had previously supplied a nuclear facility to India in 1955.

Apart from the flood of street protests taking place around the world and a noticeable increase in antisemitism and lslamophobia actions by students at universities in the United States, the Arab world is also paying the price for the Israel-Hamas war, as the Abraham Accord, which was initiated during Donald Trump’s presidency to help thaw the ice between Israel and most Middle Eastern countries, is currently in jeopardy.

That is demonstrated by the fact that the little progress that had been made, such as the restoration of some level of diplomatic relationship between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, which began with air links, and the establishment of technology businesses in the Jebel Ali port area of Dubai, is now suspended.

That is because any Arab country seen to be doing business with Israel while the war is raging may be labeled a betrayer.

In addition, the Abrahamic Accord, which is presently under threat, should have been a solid incentive for Israelis and Palestinians to learn to live peacefully and harmoniously together.

That is because the trio of Jews, Christians, and Arabs are descendants of Abraham, the father of Isaac and Ishmael and the originator of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, the three (3) religions extensively practiced by the people of the region.

What that means is that the Israelis and Palestinians engaged in this century-old war have common ancestry; hence, the peace initiative embodied by Abraham Accord is named after him as the father of all the people that have origins in that region.

Of course, the above narrative is based on the teachings of the holy Bible, the holy Quran, and the Torah, which are the books of faith that contain the commandments of God passed through Moses on Mount Sinai and consolidated by Jesus Christ, who is known as lsa by Muslims who believe that He is a prophet of God, much like the holy prophet Mohamed, who is the leader of the Muslim faithful rather than the son of God, as Christians believe.

It may also appear strange and intriguing that Islam has familial ties with Jews who practice Judaism. The Jewish Bible, known as the Torah, is known as the Thawrah or Taurat in Islam, and it is regarded as a book containing revelations sent by God to His prophets and messengers.

Some readers may be surprised to hear that just roughly 1.9% of Israelis are Christians, l.6% are Druze, and 18% are Muslims, with 73.8 professing Judaism, despite the fact that Israel is the birthplace of Jesus Christ, whom Christians worship.

The statistics above show that Judaism and Islam are the dominant religions in that axis, and as descendants of Abraham, they should be able to coexist as two nations in the same way that Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and, to a lesser extent, Lebanon, which initially resisted coexistence with Israel, seem to  have acquiesced with the reality after previously engaging in military conflicts with Israel.

The purpose of going into all the details to establish the common ancestry of Israelis and Palestinians is to ensure that the wedge that has been thrown between the two tribes, who are brothers from the beginning of time but have become sworn enemies due to a bloody fight over land that has lasted centuries, is removed.

The challenge of the land shortage in Gaza, which makes it one of the most densely populated location on the planet, like Seoul in South Korean and Cairo,  Egypt appears to be driving the Israeli-Palestinian endless war.

According to statistics, the Gaza Strip, which is politically dominated by Hamas, is barely twice the size of Washington, DC, one-quarter the size of London, and one-tenth the size of Cape Town, South Africa.

To put it into perspective, while having a population expected to be about 2.2 million as of 2023, it is just 365 square kilometers in size, with 59 kilometers of border with Israel and 41 kilometers of shoreline along the Mediterranean Sea.

It is one of the most densely populated areas on the planet. Based on 2023 demographic data, the population density is 8,121 persons per square meter, making it equivalent to Cairo, Egypt, and Seoul, South Korea.

Gaza has been under the rule of Hamas since 2007, after the militant group defeated its rival Fatah in a war and subsequently won at the polls in democratic elections, leaving only the West Bank to the political rulership of the Palestinian Authority.

The irony of the entire Israel-Gaza tragedy is that Hamas, which Gazans elected to rule them in 2007, is being accused by Israel of using them as human shields after triggering a war by engaging in a surprise attack on her on October 7, during which severe harm was inflicted on Israelis and for which a revenge attack must have been anticipated and is currently playing out with ferocity beyond imagination.

What has become clear to all astute observers is that land that is not available for development is key to the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

And it reminds me of the Malthusian theory of population increase and the Boserup which counteracted it by stating that population drives the growth of agriculture.

The Malthusian theory was first propounded as a hypotheses in 1798 in an Essay On The  Principles Of Population. In the essay by Mr Thomas Malthus an economist and  an English man from Surrey , England who posited that  “ human population grows more rapidly than the food supply until famines, war or disease reduces the population “

Later on, his theory was countered  by Bosrup’s theory where the case was made:

 “that population change drives the intensity of agricultural production. Her position countered the Malthusian theory that agricultural methods determine population via limits on food supply”.

Ester Boserup was a Danish economist who in her best known book on the subject titled:“The Conditions of Agricultural Growth: The Economics of Agrarian Change under Population Pressure” dwelt extensively on how population drives agriculture.

And the major point of her book is that “necessity is the mother of invention”.

Her position is as germane today as it was in 1965 when she published her theory,hence it recommends itself for deployment in the lsraeli-Gaza war that has awakened the consciousness of the world that as long as the issue of land that is central to the conflict remains unaddressed,it would continue be like a ticking time bomb and a blithe on humanity.

Leveraging the mantra necessity is the mother of invention, it is necessary that the world comes together to create land for Gaza/Palestine. And the only way of doing that is through land reclamation from the sea not trying her lsrael to yield back some land to Palestine that has proven to be futile.

As stated earlier Gaza has a coastline of 41 miles on the Mediterranean Sea. But expanding its  265 square kilometers land space into the Mediterranean would cost a fortune. Nevertheless,that can not be beyond the capacity of the world if it resolves to finally end the conflict that has defied all solutions proffered in the past 75 years when the first war was fought over the land and put a full stop to the intermittent massive shedding of blood of innocent victims over the past century.

Just in the manner that a solution to climate change is being vigorously pursued by the world under the auspices of the United Nations, UN; and similar to the proposed Carbon tax by former UK prime minister Gordon Brown who is demanding that the main beneficiary countries and firms involved in fossil fuel exploration contribute some of their huge profits into special funds portfolios geared towards helping the vulnerable countries deal with the menacing consequences of climate change ; the USA and Western European countries including UK, France, Germany etc, plus the rich countries in the middles east region such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, UAE should along with  far east countries like Japan and China amongst others must rise to the occasion to save the world from going back to the crisis that would once again lead  to nuclear race that has been cast into the trash basket of history.

But the proposition above can not happen until a number of basic ground norms are set and observed.

These include the condition that they must mutually agree upon reversal of the ban on further territorial expansion by Israel and a renunciation of the vow to wipe each other off the face of the planet, especially , Hamas which is the aggressor in that regard.

That may be what would propel the two-state solution forward.

 Right now, it is unclear to me  which should arrive first, but a combination of both would almost surely be a game changer.

However, while renunciation of vows to mutually annihilate each other may be the simpler part, getting additional land which has appeared like it is an impossibility,is actually not unachievable.

That is especially if the world is driven by the mantra: “Where there is a will , there is a way”.

 The global conferences scheduled to be held in Saudi Arabia this week with world leaders including president Bola Tinubu in attendance, is a veritable platform to evaluate my proposition by initiating and commencing a dialogue around it.

So, the future of Gaza is now clearly in the hands of global leaders.